• Jackie Marie

Natures beauty!

I asked my husband one day, "If he could go on vacation where would you go?" While most people would say the beach or the mountains my husband said, "I want to see the Northern Light" I thought OMGoodness how am I so lucky to have him in my life?? Don't get me wrong I love to visit the beach and mountains however this guy knows me and gets me. He knows that I want to do something a little different. I want to go exploring, hiking and photograph unique places that you see in travel magazines. So being the nice wife that I am I responded, "OK let go!"

We decided to focus on travels on Iceland. To me even the name just sounds so cool! We (aka I) planned a 10 day trip around the whole island in hopes to see the lights. The weather can be unpredictable so the longer you stay the better chance you have of seeing them.

The Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights are not always visible. To see them in all their glory it requires patients, certain weather conditions and good old LUCK. The requirements for Iceland are:

  • Between September to April

  • The night must be as dark as possible (a full moon, will dim the aurora)

  • There should be as little unnatural light (light pollution) as possible

  • There should be little to no cloud cover

  • There must be enough solar activity

There are ways to research the conditions of the air before you go looking. Someone told us about an app that shows your location, the time and percentage chance of seeing them. Yes they have an app for that!!! The App was The Arora Forecast and it worked fairly well. If you want to know exactly why the lights form here is the link that will explain. https://www.northernlightscentre.ca/northernlights.html Even with the help of technology it is impossible to know more than a few days in advance what the forecast will be.

This was my first attempt of photographing the Lights. These are few of the images that I captured. We got to see the lights two separate nights. It is a memory that I will always treasure and my pictures don't so it justice! It is so beautiful and magical. The sky was dancing and simply mesmerizing.

Until next time,