• Jackie Marie

Lady K!

Updated: May 15, 2019

What should I say about this young lady? Although I have only known her for a year she has always impressed me. She is very kind, caring, smart, a just a great person.

She decided to sign up for my model squad . Through this we have had several shoots throughout the year, which by the way she rocked them all! This was her finial shoot, her senior session..... We talked about where she wanted to have it and were throwing around ideas. I had mentioned that the Pinecrest Azalea farm is beautiful in the spring but it is a short season so we would have to plan it around the bloom. I showed her some pictures and she loved the bright colors and said that she wanted to do her senior session there. So this was the results!

From there we headed towards another location however on my way to the farm I had seen another great spot for photos. This was a great spot just on the side the road. The lighting was great coming through the trees!

We then went to our finial destination the soccer fields. This is where she is in her element!!! As soon as she got out of the car I could tell she was in her happy place. Kirstin is going to continue her education and is also continuing her love for soccer too.

I have no doubt that this lady will do great in her future endeavors. May you always keep that smile and great things will come to you in life!

Your friend Jackie!