• Jackie Marie

In the quiet ......

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

While the kids are back in school for the first full week it has been r e a l l y quiet around our house during the day....... While I clean and piddle (by the way I am the MASTER piddler) around the house I have a overwhelming feeling that I want to help people. Maybe it is because I am an emotional roller coaster this week or the fact that I have contemplated this many times but have never followed through with it. Today I signed up for the Chrodoma foundation!!! It is something I have wanted to do for years. I have filled out the form probably 5 times or more then when it came time to submit, I would get all emotional and not hit submit. Why I don't know I was scared I guess? What if I would break down when I am talking to them? They need me to be strong to help them but how could I when I can't even hit the submit button! I just wasn't ready! But now I am ready to face my fear and help support others.

For those of you who know my background just skip to the next paragraph. However for you who are curious and do not know my background I will give you a quick briefing. In 1995 I was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor called a Chrodoma. The doctors remove it then two years later it grew back and I had to have surgery again followed with External beam radiation at SLU Hospital. After that I went to California to Loma Linda Hospital for Proton Beam Radiation therapy (a special type of radiation treatment. Believe me while I would never wish on my worst enemy, it definitely shaped who I am today. Both positive and negative, mostly positive!

While I was blessed with great doctors, a great community and friends not everyone has the support they need. The Chrodoma foundation is a group to helps not only current patients but family members too. It raises awareness about the disease and helps support research to help find answers for the best treatment. When I went through my health issues I had only a 2% of a 5 year survival! HA I showed them, this August is 23 years and counting!!!! Hopefully I can connect with patients that need someone to talk to and to show them that there is hope and you can survive! This will not only help them but help me too. By facing the fear of reliving a time in my life that I really want to forget about.

If you could please share this to spread awareness or if you would be so kind to donate.

Here is the link https://impact.chordomafoundation.org/give/126704/#!/donation/checkout

Either way I hope this inspires you to look into your community at what you can do to help others!



This is WHY I was meant to survive!