• Jackie Marie

Act of LOVE!

At the beginning of February I received an email from a husband that wanted to gift a Family photo session for his wife for Valentines Day. Oh My Goodness!!!! She is going to simply LOVE this I thought. What a thoughtful and meaningful gift to give your LOVE! He said that they decided that they wanted to do pictures possibly at their property. So one evening I visited their home and property.

Sitting down and talking to them was absolutely great! It was like sitting down with old friends that you haven't spoke to in while, just catching up. We discovered that we both love our National Parks and have even visited some of the same places. We also both dream of visiting the same others National parks, these are my kind of people! When I asked if they wanted to wait until spring to do photos they said, "no" they wanted to do them now before they did a controlled burn of the property in the early spring. What a client wants I do my best to provide. While I was hesitant I am so thankful that we did them when we did, with the events that are happening to the world today!

This is some of the results. They are such a lovely family and I am so blessed to meet them! Hope that someday they get to visit all the National Parks. As for now I pray for all of their heath and safety in the years to come. Until we meet again my friends!